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English Made Easy – English Language Tutor – Sacramento, California

No-fee initial meeting and rates

People interested in private lessons meet with the tutor, either in person or on-line.

The initial meeting is at no cost.  The meeting includes a client needs discussion, an assessment, and rate information.  The quoted rate includes all materials. has designed instruction and developed training materials for employees and staff in manufacturing plants, processing facilities, government offices, and call centers.

English language Tutor offers (at no charge) an initial conference with a business/organization interested in providing basic English, vocational English instruction, and training and education services to its employees.  This no-fee consultation and rate quote includes skills assessment of the employee(s), testing, and needs analysis.

Request a meeting/more information

To schedule a meeting or obtain more information, please contact David Post at by phone, e-mail, or online.

Phone (916) 307-9693, send an e-mail note to, or complete the following request online:

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Learning sessions start at scheduled times. private lessons, group sessions, educational programs, and training courses are performance-based and centered on the learner.

It is the firm’s policy not to release any information about participating individuals or commercial clients.

Users of services agree to respect the copyright of all educational and training materials.

Transportation or day care services are not available.