Former Students

“David was my best teacher.  He was patient and helped me understand what was difficult.  He always corrected my pronunciation.”

– A university student from the Ukraine

“He helped me a lot!”

–  A medical technician from Libya

“David breaks it down in plain, simply easy-to-understand English and defines that which may not be understood.”

–  An American college student in California

“David is very upbeat, enthusiastic, and dedicated to others.” –  A Brazilian tourist studying in Sacramento

“He is extremely dependable, punctual, and conscientious.” –  A registered nurse from China

Former Co-Workers and Supervisors 

“He was conscientious and a very able teacher.  He had an excellent rapport with the students and his colleagues.  We can highly recommend him.”

– Elizabeth Blatz, Director, Inlingua School of Languages

“David proved to be a very reliable member of our staff who made a very worthwhile contribution to our training programs.”

– Charles Lucas, Principal, Aramco Industrial Training Center

“He had an excellent rapport with the students who attended the school.”

– E. Turk, Administrative Vice President, Armstrong College

“David has gone above and beyond to help students get over learning difficulties, and improve their speaking skills through creating a fun learning environment.”

– Philip Lane, School Director, Kaplan International Center